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Donations For Medical Supplies For Ukraine

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If you have acquired all the material possessions you can deal with and can’t think of anyone for whom to exchange your donation for a sketch, your tax deductible donation will be appreciated and put to good use. We apply these donations to the purchase of trauma kits to go to Ukraine for civilians, national guard and military assisting with medical needs on the front lines. 

    "To date, we have received $650 from donors who feel they have all the worldly goods they could use but who want to contribute nonetheless. These donations are invaluable as we are able to quickly turn them around to use toward buying medical supplies to send to Ukraine. Being able to do something like this is meaningful and impactful in a way that we hadn't expected to be able to do from our corner of the world. Thank you!"



    We are currently only able to ship within the US. If you are outside the US, please contact Nina to arm wrestle about reasonable prices for emailing high res JPGs. Otherwise, costs for shipping in the US are as follows:

    USPS 1st Class -- FREE!

    USPS Priority --  $7.00

    FedEx Ground -- $14.00 (Note: continental US only)