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Unified Donations Just Because...

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If you have acquired all the material possessions you can deal with and can’t think of anyone for whom to exchange your donation for a sketch, your tax deductible donation will be appreciated and put to good use. We want to help you support your local Unified programs or Special Olympics, just let us know what school and school district and/or state.

"My son is on the Autistic spectrum and Unified Sports have been a real boon to him over the years. He signed up for Unified Basketball in Middle School and I hadn't ever heard of it before. I'm so glad he did -- it was fantastic! I'm not much of a sports person but I love Unified. I was deeply impressed by the inclusivity and empathy of the players and the devotion of the coaches.  I love getting to see him and his peers on the court. It has been an extraordinary to see them develop as individuals and as a team over the years. Every year, when Unified Basketball season rolls around again, my world gets brighter. I work hard not to miss a single game."



We are currently only able to ship within the US. If you are outside the US, please contact Nina to arm wrestle about reasonable prices for emailing high res JPGs. Otherwise, costs for shipping in the US are as follows:

USPS 1st Class -- FREE!

USPS Priority --  $7.00

FedEx Ground -- $14.00 (Note: continental US only)