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Drivers Eye View Framed Diptych

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These are 6x8 giclée prints framed in Guerrilla Painter Prairie Plein Air Frames. 

Originally sketched these as panoramas in a sketchbook with watercolor pencil and ink and make for natural diptychs. the scenes were taken from favorite views while driving from Fort Collins to Livermore, CO, and were sketched during the Covid years.

A word about Prairie™ Frames: these  beautifully crafted hardwood box frames were designed by Carl Judson for small-format plein air paintings. They are especially handsome for multiple-panel presentations such as these diptychs. 2.25" deep, they can be easily hung on a wall with the prepared T-slots in the back or stand on a table or shelf. Beechwood with pine liner with a smooth satin finish. While many small paintings need a wide frame to be displayed effectively, Carl's Prairie™ design achieves the same result, but with a much smaller footprint. The secret is the unusual depth of the frame. 

Note: please contact Nina if you would like to only purchase the prints without the frames. Diptych prints available for $40 per pair:

©Nina Judson, 2022.


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