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Original Sketches for Ukraine

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Would you like an original watercolor pencil and ink sketch of the subject of your choosing? Or a silhouette sketch in marker and ink? 75% of proceeds of original sketches will go to Third Wave Volunteers who are currently on the ground in Ukraine. Select a size and a medium. You are welcome to contact Nina with your subject matter before or after you have made your donation. Sketches will be matted and ready to frame.  

Watercolor pencil and ink: If you've seen my work in Instagram, you'll now some of my method. The process of sketching with watercolor pencils gives me the opportunity to let the 6 year old me run wild for a time. Then I add ink and once I'm done, I often feel pretty satisfied with the result.

Silhouette sketches: I participated in the #100peopleoneweek challenge in March of 2020. I knew I wanted to play with markers but I struggled with my existing approach to sketching people and my self esteem was thoroughly battered by the first few sketches. I had seen a couple of other artists use marker to block in parts of their sketches in an effective approach with composition. I also know I wanted to exclusively sketch Ukrainian refugees and to bring the focus of the sketches completely on them. These silhouette sketches are the result. 

Note from Nina: "I love this project. You choose the subject matter, size and the medium while I get to try out sketching things that are often outside my comfort zone. I did this project for fundraising for Covid19 and I'm excited to return to it again."

All sketches shown here are ©Nina Judson, 2022.


We are currently only able to ship within the US. If you are outside the US, please contact Nina to arm wrestle about reasonable prices for emailing high res JPGs. Otherwise, costs for shipping in the US are as follows:

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USPS Priority --  $7.00

FedEx Ground -- $14.00 (Note: continental US only)