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Original Sketches

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Would you like an original watercolor pencil and ink sketch of the subject of your choosing? Or a silhouette sketch in marker and ink? 75% of proceeds of original sketches will go to Third Wave Volunteers who are currently on the ground in Ukraine. Select a size and a medium. You are welcome to contact Nina with your subject matter before or after you have made your donation. Sketches will be matted and ready to frame.  

Watercolor pencil and ink: If you've seen my work in Instagram, you'll now some of my method. The process of sketching with watercolor pencils gives me the opportunity to let the 6 year old me run wild for a time. Then I add ink and once I'm done, I often feel pretty satisfied with the result.

Silhouette sketches: I participated in the #100peopleoneweek challenge in March of 2020. I knew I wanted to play with markers but I struggled with my existing approach to sketching people and my self esteem was thoroughly battered by the first few sketches. I had seen a couple of other artists use marker to block in parts of their sketches in an effective approach with composition. I also know I wanted to exclusively sketch Ukrainian refugees and to bring the focus of the sketches completely on them. These silhouette sketches are the result. 

Note from Nina: "I love this project. You choose the subject matter, size and the medium while I get to try out sketching things that are often outside my comfort zone. I did this project for fundraising for Covid19 and I'm excited to return to it again."

All sketches shown here are ©Nina Judson, 2022.


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