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Tour de Sketch: Corgi

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A collection of  Nina's Tour de Corgi 2023 silhouette sketches assembled in an accordion style zine. 26 pages. Folded up the zine is 3.5" x 4" x 0.5". Unfolds to 91".

©Nina Judson, 2023.

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What on earth is a zine? We are so glad you asked. A zine represents a range of small-batch, DIY, "magazine-like" publications. They come in many styles in format, binding and sizes. Apparently there are no rules which sounds good to us. (Pronounced zeen, although you will catch Nina pronouncing it zīn, poor thing, she can't help it.)

Why zines? How lovely is this? Self-publishing via zines has been an interesting and educational way to share a variety of subjects. For good or ill, it's been a way to get one's feet wet unhindered by the pressures and censorship of mass marketing, or the looming specter an overbearing editor (of my own fabrication or otherwise).


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